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Becoming BikiniBird

Tiana knew she wanted to be in the fashion industry at 14 years old. After attending Loyola Marymount, she worked as a sales representative for multiple clothing lines in Southern California and Hawai‘i including Billabong and Olukai. In 2010, she moved home and while still working full-time, started a lifestyle and swimwear blog, BikiniBird. Calling it her “passion project,” BikiniBird grew its online following (136k social media followers!) and transformed into an online store. Most recently, Bikini Bird opened its doors in January 2017 as a brick and mortar in Kailua. Tiana holds a firm belief that through work and life, one must be what they want to attract. She credits her years working for others in the various aspects of the fashion industry for helping her plan and start her own business. Always looking for the next project, Tiana acquired Creative Design Hawai’i in 2017 and quickly broadened its clientele to outer islands and California.

16 Facts About Me:

1. My Name Is:

Tiana Gamble

2. I Grew Up In:

Pupukea, Hawaii

3. The Name Of My Business Is:


4. My Favorite Thing About Growing Up In Hawai’i:

The community, simplicity, and outdoor lifestyle.

5. I Went To School At:

Sunset Beach Christian School, Mid Pac, Kalani High School, Loyola Marymount

6. When I Was A Kid, I Wanted To Be:

Professional dancer

7. In High School, People Would Describe Me As:

Goofy, outgoing, talkative – haha!

8. My Childhood Prepared Me For My Job Today By:

Letting me be free and independent. Taught me how to be resourceful and open to talk to people.

9. The Value My Business Provides Is:

A unique shopping experience with an offering of curated swim and clothing fashion for all ages and body types.

10. I Realized My Business Was Successful When:

We made a profit.

11. My Favorite Thing About Running My Business Is:

I can make all the decisions, although that can be hard at times. Also, seeing my hard work come to fruition.

12. The Most Challenging Thing About Running My Business Is:

Having to constantly keep up with accounting – not my strong point. Also, having to handle all the problems that come with owning a business: if something breaks or someone is stealing or you lose a big client or the market changes – it can be a lot to manage.

13. One Mistake I’ve Made That Taught Me A Lesson Was:

Buying too much inventory and not paying attention to trends.

14. One Accomplishment I’m Most Proud Of Is:

Starting BikiniBird online.

15. My Favorite Book Is:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

16. My Advice For Future Business Owners Is:

Don’t be afraid. Network and find colleagues to help you learn more about business. Listen to their experiences and learn from them.

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