How to Maintain Core Values: Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Maintaining Core Values

What started as a group of friends round-tabling an idea, has turned into a pursuit stretching the globe for the team at Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. Traveling to over six countries a year with inter-island trips throughout, the breadth of exposure they’ve had is a result of relentless commitment and love.

Yet, running a nonprofit like Sustainable Coastlines is not for the easily discouraged.

The sacrifices can be great, taking a toll on time and money, and propositions to merge with similar companies, who have already laid the groundwork, tempt even the deepest of passions.

Executive Director Kahi Pacarro attests that when faced with a merger or partnership, he simply considers the organization’s core values and vision: to inspire local communities to care for their coastlines and to teach the methods for better consumer behavior. Pacarro continues to feel that Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is unique in its programs and services, and it’s better to go forth in their environmental mission as they are.

Furthermore, the core values that are strongly maintained within the organization are simultaneously carried out everyday in the Pacarro household.

A lifestyle that can seem hard to commit to appears easy for their ohana. They live the life they preach. A self-proclaimed frugal person, Pacarro prefers to reap his harvest. Amid financial constraints, demanding travel and work schedules, he maintains a laser-focus. Subtle and sanguine, his mission is clear: to create a circular economy for all that we use. Nothing should have a single use.

Written by Chelsey K. Flanagan

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