RISEHI BECOME Series: Become a Nonprofit Founder

Make-A-Wish Foundation, Salvation Army, YMCA. These are a few of the well-known, national Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) that garner a lot of attention for the incredible work they do serving individuals and larger communities. What do you think of when you hear their names? Perhaps you think of wishes, helping, human needs, and support. It is truly awe-inspiring to consider the number of lives these nonprofit organizations touch on a daily, even hourly basis.

Nonprofits perform a critical role in society.

By helping the public through the private sector, they minimize the dependence on government entities to play that role. In turn, the government exempts nonprofit entities from having to pay federal taxes which allows the surplus of revenue to further each organization’s mission.

Right here in Hawai`i, we have over one thousand nonprofit entities providing educational, cultural, religious, environmental and general human outreach. Many have the misconception that taking on the challenge of starting a nonprofit is an unpaid, part-time endeavor. That is not necessarily the case. Rather, there are many examples of Hawai’i nonprofit founders who have been able to marry their passion for serving the community with the necessity of earning an honest living.

Do you have the desire and an idea to positively impact people?

Through the first installment of the RISEHI BECOME Series: Become a Nonprofit Founder, we aim to share stories of local nonprofit entrepreneurs who took their ideas and implemented them to build successful organizations. Kama’aina founders like Kahi Paccaro of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Donavan Kealoha of Purple Mai’a, Duane DeSoto of Na Kama Kai, and Hi’ilei Kawelo from Paepae o He`eia will share valuable, personal lessons they have learned through the process. We hope that their stories, as well as our “How-To” resources, will inspire action in those who seek to serve Hawai’i’s community, and provide guidance along the way as new organizations are created from the ground up.

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